Chief Patron, BRCT
Hon. Mahathero Aryawanso Bhante, Thailand

“I myself can be compared as a small piece of match stick , I only Want to perform the job to provide lightening in order to pay homage to Lord Buddha’s Dhamma Vinaya and have the light bright and shining to cover the whole universe for the ultimate ‘Sukha’ ( Happiness) to all living beings………”


Chairman, BRCT
Hon. Bhadant Buddhapalo

“All the living beings of the universe are struggling to free themselves from sufferings of life but because of the ignorance they can’t find the way to end their suffering for all these living being supremely enlightened one only is the great teacher who shows the right way to attain the enlightenment and the end of the sufferings Our Trust is prompting the teachings of Lord Buddha with a aim to attain happiness brotherhood fraternity and equality to create real happiness in this world amongst all living beings.”



Chief Advisor, BRCT
Ayu. Mr Ratnakar Gaikwad, Chief Secretary, MH

” I am happy to know that Buddhist Revival Trust has been recently registered with a lofty ideal of reviving Buddhism in India. I am sure with the dedication of people like you, Ven Bodhipalo and world renowned Thai monk Ven Arayawangso, this Trust would go a long way in fulfilling the dream and mission of Babasaheb “Sara Bharat Bauddhamay karin”.(“I will make whole India Buddhist”. As a mark of solidarity to the cause and the Trust I am in all humility sending a cheque of Rs 10,000 for Life membership of BRT and have decided to send Rs 1000 donation every month( Babasaheb had told us to donate atleast 1/20 th part of our income for the cause of Dhamma). I would be happy if we can make 5000 Life Members during the course of one year so that all our Dhamma activities will go unhindered in many years to come.I wish the Trust all the success and as humble Dhamma worker I would be available 24X7 for carrying out any task assigned to me by the Trust.”

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