Minutes of Meeting at Jetvana: BRCT @ Web Activism

7 Sep

In an assembly of prominent activists from India and USA, today, the Chief Secretary of Maharastra, Mr Ratnakar Gaikwad expressed his strong will to make every attempt to stand against anti-democratic forces in India. He is the most-senior bureaucrat (IAS-1975 Batch) in the State, who holds the position of nodal officer for Prevention of Caste Atrocity too. He is known for his ability to create positive fraternity among several stakeholders within the bureaucratic infrastructure & also across the network of social institutions.

In a short call, Chief Secretary also Mentor of BRCT, promised to launch a Web Awareness Drive of the masses & for the masses. This is must in order to instill cultural and social values gotten from constitutional triple Jems ( Equality, Liberty & Fraternity). In 2-hour discussion, the group such gathered concluded certain modalities and transformational outcomes of the mass Web awareness programs. The strategies were targeted against the Caste based inequalities prevailing and the ultra-prejudices among elite quarters, those are far from the real fraternal actions.

The Chief secretary reiterated that Maharashtra state would take lead in launching web-initiative. He further contemplated that such actions should be properly coordinated though government agencies like BARTI ( Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute, Pune) and YASHDA. Mr R.K. Gaikwad, Head BARTI, was present for the occasion. He put up points for the Web Activism. Mr R.N Katake, Asst Director, BARTI fascillitated the managment & proccedings. Cabinet Secretary said that funds should not be problem for the cause, sufficient funds/year would be made available for the project. Buddhism Revival Project under the agesis of Ven Aryavansa was also discussed. The group took deep responsibilties in making India a source of revival & reconstruction of Buddhism in the world .

Points of the Meeting

1. Software team from Atrocitynews to operationalise the ‘ web awareness campaign for constitutional values’
2. Database of the informers and informants to be shared by BARTI with the team
3. Terms of Reference of project should be in democratic fashion and under Constitutional Framework
4. Like-minded groups & their suggestions to be incorporated for the effective delivery of the project
5. BARTI in sync with Manuski team would lead the Planning, Coordination & Control
6.The project should make use of right technologies & people infrastructure available

7.Chief secretary liked to appeal though this Medium extending a helping hand for Buddhist Revival Charitable Trust*

8. Please find attached herewith the BRCT INVITATION Letter….





Pic 01: BRCT INVITATION Letter Part-2



Pic 02: BRCT INVITATION Letter Part-2


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